Big-match preview

Newly-promoted Oldham have had a tough start against two full-time teamsCoach Scott Naylor said: “We’re actually playing very well and have been beaten 22-0 and 48-18. With the two performances we’ve put in, we would have probably won most League 1 games, which shows the difference in the divisions

“Everything’s different. The players are bigger and more powerful, the skill levels are higher and the games are a lot faster. Technically you’ve got to be switched on for every single tackle. So far the lads have been really good and are enjoying the challenge but they obviously now realise what the season’s going to be like.

“Dewsbury did really well last year, have got a good coach in Glenn and have signed a lot of good players. It will be a very good test for us and it will be interesting to see how the lads feel after the game about the differences playing against a part-time team.”

Naylor is hoping to boost the squad with a couple of new players in the coming weeks.

Dewsbury Rams haven’t quite managed to reproduce their form from last season but they remain unbeaten after their 38-16 win over Workington Town. Coach Glenn Morrison said: “The first half was a little bit like the week before. We went through the motions expecting to get the job done. So I gave them a little bit of a rocket at half-time and told them to step up and play like we should be playing and they did – so there were plenty of positives.

“I’m expecting it to be tough this weekend, Oldham have had two tough games, which I think is going to help them out. These are the tough games, the ones you’ve got to make sure you get up for or you’ll drop the points.”

Jack Teanby will be available this week.


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