'As good as it gets' -- Scott

INTERVIEWED after our fabulous 36-22 cup win against Hull Kingston Rovers, this is what our head coach Scott Naylor had to say:

“For me as a coach this is as good as it gets. It’s one of the biggest wins of my coaching career and the lads deserve everything.

“Our last two performances against Batley and then the Sheffield  Eagles  were immense and we spoke about the need to carry on with that. We aimed to get to the 20 or 30 minutes marks and then take stock and weigh up what was happening.

“We didn’t expect THAT score at the interval, but we were naturally pleased , while also knowing that they would come out at the start of the second half to have a real go at us.

“My lads were exhausted at the end, but when you win I don’t think that matters. We’ve a few with knocks and a few who played injured.

“We are all in it for days like this.  I enjoy coaching. It’s hard to sit in the stands, but its nice to see a group of lads doing it first for themselves, then for the club and then for the fans.

“I’ve a load of lads who have come out of League One. They’re now plying their trade and doing ‘fantastically’ well in the Championship and now they’ve beaten a Super League side so its an amazing occasion for them.

“As a club we’got to make the most of it and cherish it.

“We didn’t want Hull KR to play at their pace. We are not a Super League side, so we tried to slow the game down.

“People might say that’s not the way to play, but for us it’s tactics. You add the yardage sets to good-ball sets and throw in a good attitude; score a few points and before you know it, it’s half time and  you are winning.

“My half-backs did a great job today. Halves don’t need to be around all the time. They just need to come on in when tney’re needed  and that’s what they did.

“Today is ‘huge’ for us as a group. It’s well-known we are not a wealthy club, but we are a bunch of triers and that alone is taking us a long way. It’s a slow, hard process but if we turn up and have a dig we can win games.

“We want another big team in the next round to generate some money because sport is all about money unfortunately. The more money you have the better chance you have, but unfortunately we don’t have any.

“We do have ‘heart’ and ‘desire’. Those qualities are taking us a long way.


“The next round is all about having a dig. Whether its Wigan Warriors or a Championship club we’ll be turning up and having a go.

“On the back of desire there was also a game plan. We worked hard at looking at Hull KR on video and we felt they had defensive frailties, particularly near their own line.

“The hardest part was always going to be getting there. We were confident we could score if we got close to them, and the boys did a great job in getting us there. You saw what happened then.

“The game is tough and careers don’t last long enough. The lads have to make the most of days like this.

“They’ll get lots of pats on the back  and they have to make the most of it quickly because in seven days time we’ll be heading off to Whitehaven. Today will be forgotten.

“It will probably be blowing and raining up there and Whitehaven will be coming at us. That will be a different challenge.

“The days when I went out celebrating after a big win are well and truly over. I’ll have a couple of beers at home with the family and that will be all.

“I don’t want to know what the boys are up to. I keep out of that.”

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