Nealo on the start to the season

Firstly I would like to say hello to all fans and speaking on behalf of all the players a massive thank you for all the support at home and especially away!

To review the last few weeks starting with the loss at Featherstone. The loss was massively disappointing, I think myself and all the lads were gutted with the result and we were confident we could win that game.

I have to say it was one of the coldest, wet and windiest games I have ever played in and I remember some grim days at Whitebank. On a positive note, if at the start of the season you would have said we would beat Sheffield convincingly and get beat by 2 points at Featherstone away you would probably take it! But we have just set a whole new level for ourselves and we want to compete at the top of the championship and beat the top teams; we certainly have the quality in the squad to do so.

Looking back now comparing the mood in the camp to the pre-season friendlies, there is a real sense of confidence and excitement about this year. Because let’s be honest our defence in the friendlies was as weak as Scott Turner’s hairline!!!

We have worked a lot on video reviews of the games over the pre-season and season; the coaching staff put a lot of time and effort with editing video down to individual edits. This is very time consuming for the staff but is massively beneficial for us players to see where we can improve as a group.

Looking ahead confidence is still building and looking forward to another great challenge this weekend against London. I honestly believe if we can improve in certain areas we can win on Sunday. This group of lads are a great bunch there is a real hard work ethic and desire to be better, that goes along way and I think that reflects with improvements of the past few years from the days of being in league one.

Thanks again for all the support again

Adam is sponsored by Jenny, Mike and Viv Travis.

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