Oldham link-up with Liverpool FC

Oldham RLFC have today entered into a cross sports partnership with Liverpool FC.

This will see staff and players from each club “swap” roles to learn and understand the demands and rigours of different sporting challenges.

Next week will see Scott Naylor head to Liverpool’s Melville training ground with Scott Turner and George Tyson to take charge of sessions and to try the lads out as the footballers they have always claimed to be.

Coming the other way is Jurgen Klopp who will take charge of training on Tuesday where Sade Mane and James Milner will fulfil ambitions to be rugby league players.

Chairman Chris Hamilton said “This is a fantastic opportunity for our club to partner with a world name like Liverpool. It’s too good to miss and we look forward to seeing some of the Liverpool lads in an Oldham shirt before the end of the season”.

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