What Scott said of our Cup defeat

SCOTT Naylor had this to say of our 30-4 fifth-round Ladbrokes Challenge Cup defeat at Featherstone:

“We were never going to beat a team like Featherstone on their own ground by 20 points, so the idea was to stick with them and perhaps pinch it near the end.

“The first half was okay. We got a little bit old-headed in the second half, but at least we spent a lot of the first half in the right areas of the field.

“We were reasonably happy with the half-time score, trailing 10-0 after going up the hill.

“We didn’t put them under a lot of pressure when we were deep in their territory, but that’s something we’re working on. It’s one thing doing it on the training pitch, another doing it in a game.

“Featherstone are a good team if you give them field position, as we saw in the first half and again in the last quarter. They’ve some quality lads.

“We tried to get the ball wide in the first half, but we rarely got to the end of sets. The kicking game wasn’t up to par either.

“We started the second half with a try and then went close in pursuit of another, but they then got two quick tries and the game was all over.

“You’re then looking at the mentality of your side and things like that.

“We did a few things wrong and it ended up costing us.”

Rovers boss Jon Sharp said: “It was hard-fought. We were made to battle. We played some good stuff in the last 20 minutes, but it was tough, nevertheless.

“We respect Oldham; we know they can play. They’re well-coached and they work hard for each other.”

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