Summer Bash - - what Scott said

DUE to pre-arranged holidays and family commitments our media team was under-strength at Summer Bash, but Scott Naylor had this to say when speaking to Kevin Richardson of the OLDHAM EVENING CHRONICLE after our 38-28 defeat by Rochdale Hornets at Blackpool.

It was the second time in two games that Roughyeds had surrendered a substantial lead, as they also did in last year’s Summer Bash game against Swinton Lions, and Scott was clearly concerned.

He told Richardson: “It must be psychological. The warm-up is fine; training is fine; the lads are fine; half-time is fine.

“There is something going on in that I need to genuinely try to do something completely different, out of the box, change, or help in some way.

“There is something going on with us when we start making mistakes.We don’t just make one mistake, we compound it by giving away a penalty in the next set and we’ll let in six points.

“Then we kick off and give away a penalty and then we get the ball back and make a mistake. It’s not just one thing, it’s mistake after mistake.

“Whether it’s mental or physical, it’s having a massive impact on us as a team, it’s so negative it’s impossible to get momentum back in games.

“We never have a spell of five or 10 minutes when the game just ebbs and flows — it’s just us defending and us without the ball.

“It’s like a snowball effect, but this is nothing new to us, this is a continuous theme and when it doesn’t happen we win games.

“So far, in five years at the club, when we get things right on the pitch both mentally and physically, nobody has beaten us.

“At the end of the day, if ‘could haves’ and ‘would haves’ been alright we would be in the top six.

“At present we’re ninth and that’s down to us. It’s not by the teams we’ve played, it’s all about us. It’s our fault, it’s my fault, it’s the team’s fault. It’s all up to us and what we’re doing on the field and until we sort out those basics, and I mean absolute basics that you learn as an amateur player, we will continue to lose games.

“We talk about it every week, we work on it every week. You can see we can do it. We do it for 40 minutes. We did last week against Batley. We can do it.

“Show the courage to defend your own line. This is really hurting us.”

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