Grimmer injury a blow -- Carey

ASSISTANT coach Peter Carey said the loss of left-centre Danny Grimshaw with a groin injury midway through the first half had a big bearing on what happened afterwards as low-on-confidence Roughyeds slipped to their fourth defeat in a row at Swinton.

It finished 26-4, but there was little to split the sides when Grimshaw went off. The Lions, however, went on to lead 12-0 at half-time and stretch their lead to 26-0 before lively full-back Richard Lepori crossed for our consolation try near the end.

Said Carey: “This was another disappointing performance, but it’s hard when you lose a centre so early in the game and you’ve then got to switch things around in the forwards.

“We had to move Luke Adamson from left-side second-row to left centre and that caused us problems in the pack because we had to move players around.

“The commitment was there. Everybody had a go. I didn’t see anyone hiding.

“Unfortunately, we made a lot of silly little errors and we needed to be a little bit smarter in execution. There was nothing wrong with the game plan, but we shouldn’t be trying silly little offloads against a team like Swinton.

“Whenever we play Swinton, they’re nearly always close games, so we needed to do the little things right and we needed to make sure that we were smart in possession.

“Two of their four tries came directly off our mistakes when we were attacking at their end of the field.

“If we had kicked in the right places and selected the right plays at the right time, I doubt whether Swinton would have scored those two tries.

“When Hankinson scored his length-of-the-field try near the end we were all committed to attack and nobody was going to turn round and catch him. He’s too fast for that.

“A short pass hit ‘Lippy’ (Lepori) on the chest and bounced straight into ‘Hanky’s’ hands and he was off like a shot — gone.

“That’s what I mean about execution. That could have been a try for us, but things like that seem to happen when a side is struggling for form.

“Everyone is doing his bit and everyone is fully committed, but we need to be a whole lot smarter.

“Adam Neal and Jack Spencer put in big minutes, worked really hard and deserved a special mention.”

Club Cash Lottery

SINCE Covid-19 caused us to temporarily abandon door-to-door CLUB CASH lottery collections last Spring there's never been a better time to come on board and help Roughyeds to get through these hugely challenging times.

Why ? The £500-a-week rollover jackpot is back -- not only that there are now TWO £50 prizes and TWO £25 prizes in addition to the first prize of £1,000, a second prize of £100 and ten consolation prizes of £10.

But the return of the jackpot is the big lottery news. It's back this week and it's been won first time out, so next week's jackpot is again £500 but if nobody touches lucky it will go up to £1,000 the following week and increase by £500 a week, if not won, to a maximum of £10,000.

We have seriously missed the regular income from collections on the doorstep, but we cannot thank too much those supporters who have got behind the club in these unprecedented times of hardship by keeping their Club Cash memberships going or, indeed, by joining for the first time, knowing that for £1 a week they can help the club to combat Covid and prepare with confidence for the challenges of Betfred Championship rugby in 2021.

You can send a cheque to cover a set number of weeks; take out a bank standing order -- our preferred option; complete a bank transfer; or pay for several weeks up front by credit or debit card.

You can download a standing order form by clicking on the link at the end of this news release and following the instructions or you can contact our Club Cash administrator John McAndrew (tel: 07980 129541; email: or speak to the club direct on 07904 898177 or email to:

he easiest way, though, is to download a standing order form below. The latest prize updates are shown on the form as follows (all for £1): £1,000, £100, £50 (2), £25 (2), a number of £10 consolation prizes and the £500-a-week rollover jackpot.

Best of luck!

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