Roughyed Review goes digital

OUR 24-page match-day magazine, Roughyed Review, goes digital for the first time at Sunday’s big game against York City Knights when we include a Quick Response Code (QR Code) — a type of matrix barcode that can be quickly interpreted by an electronic device such as a modern smartphone.

QR code scanning-software is available for most mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

This week’s programme features a QR code on the back cover. Once scanned, the code will reveal a URL detailing, from 2pm, the full Oldham team to face York, including playing positions.

For a cover price of £3 you can read what Chris Hamilton and Scott Naylor have to say and discover who is featured in this week’s Fan Focus. Could it be you ?

George Cowburn continues his excellent series in which he looks at the Oldham club’s contribution to major events in RL history.

Lucas Onyango tells why he was keen to come back to us to in a backroom capacity on the playing side.

The Oldham RL Heritage Trust provide a pictorial look at Oldham v York games down the years; we examine today’s City Knights in detail; there’s a review of Craig Halstead’s new book, ‘Roughyeds — Against All The Odds’; and we have a picture and story about the rugby league boys and girls of Mayfield Primary School, Derker, who will be involved in a curtain-raiser.

There’s all that, and more, including lots of pictures of your favourite players. As the York game will be our first home league game of the season what better time than this to give Roughyed Review a try.

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