York did the simple things a little bit better than us — Scott

DESCRIBING his side’s attitude as ‘first class’ and its willingness to work as ‘100 per cent, as always’, Oldham boss Scott Naylor said there was enough evidence in the 24-22 home defeat by York City Knights to conclude that there was still much work to be done on the training ground.

He said:

“York were very good in the right areas of the field and they did the simple things a little bit better than us.

“There are going to be a lot of tight, close games in this division and we need to be a little bit more patient in possession and smarter on the ball.”

Both teams scored four tries, but the difference was in Connor Robinson’s four goals from four shots against Paul Crook’s three from four, his one miss hitting an upright and bouncing out in a defining moment.

He added:

“It turned out to be the game I thought it would be. If anyone was thinking we were going to come into this division and dominate everybody they were sadly mistaken.

“This game showed just how tough this division is going to be. Several very good teams are going to be in the play-offs come the end of the season.

“Bradford beat York by two and York have now beaten us by two. That’s how competitive it’s going to be at the top end of Betfred League 1.

“At the end of the day we lost because we hit a post with a conversion.

“I hope our fans realise how tough this division s going to be and I hope they stick with us like they did the last time we were in League 1.”

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