Apology to fans for Challenge Cup let-down

OLDHAM RL Club has issued an apology to fans who turned up at the Vestacare Stadium this evening to be photographed with the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup only to be left disappointed because it wasn’t there.

Said chairman Chris Hamilton:

“We are really sorry to everyone who turned up for what became a waste of their time because of the trophy’s non-appearance.

“This was due solely to an error by the RFL and it had nothing to do with the club.

“Nevertheless, we are bitterly disappointed that everything was arranged with the RFL for the Challenge Cup to be with us tonight, only for us to be subsequently told that it had been double-booked.

“I would like to thank our supporters who, despite their disappointment, were very patient and very understanding.

“I have already spoken to a few people at the RFL tonight to express our feelings and dialogue will be continued tomorrow.

“As our supporters are already aware we will be attempting to recompense them via the RFL.”

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