Scott tips 'Langers' to grab his Super League chance

​SCOTT Naylor has hailed Danny Langtree’s move to Betfred Super League club Hull FC as “brilliant news for a brilliant lad”.

The Oldham boss said:

“I’m really pleased for him. It’s great news. He’s going playing for a mate of mine (Lee Radford). I know what ‘Radders’ is all about and I think the two of them will get on really well.

“Langers has played consistently well for us for the past six years and in all that time I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of training sessions he has missed.

“It’s great that Super League clubs should be noticing the talent that’s around at our level and hopefully he won’t be the last player to go (to Super League) because it’s a great thing for this club when our lads are given a chance to prove themselves at such a high level.

“It would have been a tougher decision for him if it had been a Championship club that was chasing him, but this is a terrific opportunity for him.

“He’s of the right age, he’s got a two-year deal, I’ve no doubt he will get his chance and I’ve no doubt he will take that chance.

“I’m made up for him; it’s brilliant.”

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