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Club Cash lottery helps to keep us in business

OUR media team have informed the club that some fans have been asking for details of our Club Cash lottery.

John McAndrew is our lottery administrator and the man to contact if anyone out there wants to join. It costs only £1 a week for one membership yet it provides absolutely vital income to help with the running of the club, especially at this time of year when there is no income through the gates.

There are guaranteed weekly prizes of £1,000, £250 and £125 as well as approximately 40 consolation prizes of £10 each week.

There’s also a weekly jackpot of £500. This works on a different system and is NOT always won every week. On the occasions it isn’t won the £500 rolls over to the following week up to a maximum of £10,000 when it is capped and remains at that figure until it is won.

All this for £1 a week. More importantly, you are helping to keep us in business at a time when all clubs at our level, and even higher, are struggling to make ends meet.
Fans can join by completing the application form on the club website.

Click on ‘club’, then on ‘commercial’, then follow the ‘club cash’ link and you will arrive at a page that carries recent results and a link to a standing order application form.

Download please and send it in to John McAndrew at the club office (address on form). Do NOT send it direct to your bank. It must go please to John at the club.
You can pay monthly (£4.35), quarterly (£13), half-yearly (£26) or annually (£52).

You can leave a message for John on 07904 898 177 or speak to Anne Kearns on 07811 988 426 between 10am and 3pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when she will also be there to sell season tickets and to answer any other queries you might have about any aspect of club life other than the playing side. That’s Scott’s prerogative.

You can also email John at john.mcandrew@roughyeds.co.uk

The lottery and draw is in collaboration with several other clubs in order to reach the larger prizes, like £1,000 a week and a jackpot that rolls over at £500 a week until it reaches the magical £10,000.

The income from the lottery is crucial to keeping the club afloat, during the close season especially but in real terms the whole year round. We can’t stress this too much and it’s success and growth will be even more crucial in the tough times ahead amid a possible restructuring of how central funding is allocated.

We also run a Club Cash collection scheme, in which an agent will knock on your door fortnightly to collect £2, but we are encouraging the direct-debit method, not only because its easier to administrate but because it’s hard to get collectors, particularly at this time of year, and payment by that method would depend on which area of town you lived.

If you feel you must do it that way, please leave a message for John on the number given above, email him at the above address or speak to Anne on the number above, bearing in mind when she will be in the office.

Don’t forget the new season’s slogan . . . ‘Back the boys’.

It applies just as much to the lottery as it does to season tickets and, eventually, your support through the turnstiles on match days.

C’mon Oldham, c’mon Oldham !


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