Law changes for 2019

ALTHOUGH most of the discussion about this season’s law changes has revolved around Super League, many of them will apply in the Championship and some will also be relevant to all levels of the game, such as the abolition of Free Play and a reduction in the number of interchanges.

The changes en bloc are aimed at increasing entertainment value and dismissing any suspicion of time wasting.

Super League will have visible clocks to deal with time-related changes, but at Championship level they will be monitored by the time-keepers and in Betfred League 1 the referee will adjudicate.


  1. When a scrum has to be formed both teams must be bound and packed within 35 seconds. If it doesn’t happen, the offending team will be penalised.
  2. A goal-line or 20-metre drop out must be performed within 30 seconds. Again, an offending team will be penalised.
  3. Referees will call ‘time off’ one minute and 20 seconds after a try has been scored and after a penalty has been awarded and the side opts to go for goal. Teams will NOT be penalised for failing to comply, but times will be monitored and regular transgressors will be warned or fined.
  4. In the last five minutes the clock will be stopped after conversions (successful or not); after successful penalties or drop goals; and after failed penalties or drop goals if the ball goes dead. It will also be stopped 80 seconds after a try has been scored.
  5. Each team can make eight interchanges from the four replacements named on the official team sheet.
  6. Free Plays will be removed and we will revert to regular advantage. The referee will be sole judge of what constitutes advantage, tactically or territorially.
  7. Golden point will apply to Championship and League 1 only in play-offs, Challenge Cup and 1895 Cup. Extra time will be played in five-minute sessions, but the first point or points will win the game. In Championship and League 1, matches that are level at full time will be drawn with each team receiving one competition point.

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