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Fans’ support crucial in tackling the game’s problems

AS many of you will already know we have set up a management board, headed by chairman Chris Hamilton and comprising of Anne Kearns, Roger Halstead, Dave Naylor, Dave Murgatroyd, John Davies, Ben Whisker and Julie Collins.

Working hand in glove with Chris, this new group will be striving to increase attendances, bring in more income, improve the club’s profile and secure its future at a time when all clubs are tackling financial hardship and battling to stay in business.

This is particularly true of clubs outside Super League, which face an extremely important 2019, as much in what they achieve off the field as what the players achieve on it.

Scott and his squad will be straining every sinew to give us a team in which we can have heaps of pride.

The rest is then up to us, management and supporters working together to reach our goals.

Many of those goals will be outlined when we stage our second public meeting and fans’ forum in the Vestacare Stadium social club on Tuesday (March 5), starting at 7pm, and we urge as many fans as possible to do their best to attend.

As has been well documented, Widnes Vikings have gone into administration; the latest of several clubs to fire financial distress signals in the past few months.

Here at Oldham we are calling on each fan to become an ambassador for the club.

In his programme notes for the Whitehaven game, Chris said that in terms of clubs’ financial problems the past 12 months were the worst he had known in his 22 years of official involvement.
It was time for the sport as a whole to look at the issues involved.

In a message to fans, he said: “You are more important to the club than ever before and we need every one of you to be an ambassador for us, not only to come to matches but to encourage others to embrace what we are attempting to do and to get behind the initiatives that have already been made public and others that will be as the season develops.

“We can have the best-laid plans but none will work unless we can get you to become part of them.

“We have developed a plan, the main aim being to make you feel a very important part of this club and everything it stands for.

“There are a number of things every one of you can do without it costing you a penny.

“Our website is a great source of information and simply by looking at it regularly you increase its ranking in relation to that of other clubs.

“Our Facebook and Twitter feeds are an instant and popular way of seeing what’s happening at the club.

“We will be increasing video content and the rationale behind that is simple; clubs are now measured by how many website visits they get and by how many Facebook and Twitter followers we have, so by using these platforms you help us to help you.

“Get your friends to log-in or follow us. It’s that simple; we need to increase numbers.

“Another no-brainer is to sign up for the OURLEAGUE app. This is the official rugby league app, which has lots of interesting pieces about rugby league, including some from Oldham.

“When signing up you state that you are an Oldham fan and this increases the number of fans attributed to Oldham which is another gauge used by the RFL for return on investment.

“It costs nothing and if you are a technophobe come into the office and we will be glad to help you to register. Encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to do it too. They don’t have to come to games to help the club.

“Members of the management board are putting a not inconsiderable amount of time into moving the club forward because we all want the club to progress and to be successful, so please spread the word and get behind what is happening.

“After all, it’s YOUR club.”

See you at the meeting on Tuesday!


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