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Your chance to watch a rugby league film in Manchester

We have been asked by Andy Wilson, head of communications at the RFL, if we can inform Roughyeds fans of the planned showing of a rugby league documentary film in Manchester on Monday, May 20, which hinges on the number of advance bookings online.

The film director wrote to Andy as follows:

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the introduction and hello all.

I’m the director of a rugby league documentary film, Power Meri, which has just been released in England and is screening occasionally in cinemas.

The film was launched by RLWC2021 a few weeks ago and we’ve since had screenings in Leeds, London, Warrington and Wakefield.

Perhaps you may have heard something about it in the media but, in case not, here’s the trailer:

You can read about the film in this article.

We can set up single screenings at any cinema around the country, but they are subject to minimum advance online ticket sales. As such, we’ve set up one at Odeon Great Northern in Manchester on Monday 20 May at 6.30pm, but it will only go ahead if another 50 or so tickets are purchased online by this Sunday 12 May.

I’d be extremely grateful for any help you can offer in spreading the word among the rugby league community near Manchester about the upcoming screening and, most importantly, the need to buy tickets online by Sunday.

Tickets: tickets.demand.film/event/7504
Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/2105507772868688/

Additionally, if any of you would be interested in hosting a further screening at your club or in another setting you can find out more here: powermerifilm.com/host-a-screening

Many thanks in advance, Joanna Lester

Director, Power Meri www.powermerifilm.com


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Club Cash

AS you all know from your own experiences these are tough times for everybody, but we believe you will agree that OLDHAM RLFC is taking massive inspiration from the fabulous NHS and other key workers in tackling Covid head-on, while looking forward positively to the 2021 season and better times ahead thanks to the outstanding work now being done to get people vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Nevertheless, we have to face facts and be realistic enough to accept that the club urgently needs every pound that is currently coming in from whatever source. One of those sources is our Club Cash lottery and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who support us on this. A lot of you who used to pay our collectors on the doorstep have responded to our suggestions on how to pay by different methods and we are extremely grateful for that. Thanks again. You will never know how much difference your contributions make.

Alas, our income from the lottery has dropped by more than 50 per cent over the course of the pandemic and that would be a huge blow financially at any time let alone a time of unprecedented hardship because of the pandemic. It really is a situation we seriously need to address.

With that in mind the prize fund for the duration of the latest national lockdown will be temporarily reduced from February 10.

You will still be able to win a £1,000 first prize, plus £100, £50, £25 and ten £10 prizes every week, while continuing to provide vital support for the club and it will only cost you £1 a week. You can’t get a decent coffee for that, but the difference it makes to the club when multiplied a few times over and then multiplied again by 52 – the number of weeks in the financial year – is of major significance.

If you can help us at all — for £1 a week — it would be hugely appreciated by everyone with Oldham RL Club at heart. The prize structure still represents good value for money for an outlay of £1.

To those who are already members and help us accordingly, we very much hope to retain your support at this extremely difficult time.

Should you wish to play but don’t, due to the pausing of cash collection rounds, we have other options available, which you can discuss with our lottery administrator, John McAndrew on 07980129541 or from the club on 07904 898177.

Alternatively, you can send an email to: mcandrewj@aol.com or to: enquiries@roughyeds.co.uk

The prize fund will be increased back to previous levels as soon as latest lockdowns are released. Please watch our website and social media platforms for further announcements.

Finally, if you want more information about the lottery or you wish to discuss your membership please contact one of the numbers given above.

A huge thank-you to you all.

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