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Fan Focus – Jimmy Wood

JIMMY Wood, one of our staunchest and most loyal fans, began his Oldham RLFC journey way back in 1955 when he was 11.

Nearly 65 years later, he’s still as keen as ever. Wow ! That’s what you call being a supporter.

A shining example, indeed, to all those youngsters who have joined Roary’s Pride and are just putting their little feet on the first rungs of the ladder.

When contacted by JENNY McGRANE, a member of our media team, Jimmy clearly recalled that his late father took him to his first match against Barrow at Watersheddings. Oldham won.

He quickly became completely wrapped up in Oldham Rugby . . . the club, the team, the ground, everything.

Like many Oldham fans of that era, Watersheddings was always his favourite ground and he has great memories, of fantastic games and wonderful players, that will live with him until the day he dies.

His favourite game though wasn’t up there on the hill; it was at Old Trafford in 1990 when Oldham staged a miraculous fightback to win the Second Division Premiership Final against Hull KR. It was a special day for him and one he will never forget.

Currently, his favourite player is Danny Langtree, whom he was thrilled to see back at the club after his spell with Hull FC.

He has a few favourite past players including Alan Davies and Frank Pitchford from the 1950s and, more recently, Colin Hawkyard and Andy Goodway, who’s in the club’s Hall of Fame.

He remembers Terry Flanagan as a great captain and a great ball player and he would like to see him involved at the club.

Asked for his thoughts on the season so far, he said the team was starting to hit form.

It was good, he said, to see ‘Langers and Bridgey’ back together again, creating impact on the field. Like most of the fans I’ve spoken to so far, he is confident that Oldham will finish top of the league, especially if they can keep relatively free from serious injury.

After following in his dad’s footsteps as an Oldham fan, he was proud when his sons kept the family tradition going and he is even prouder now that grand-daughter Evie also loves going to games.

Evie has joined Roary’s Pride . . . and looks up to her dad and her grandad as shining examples of what it means to be Oldham supporters.


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AS lockdown restrictions start to ease, now is the time for everyone connected with Oldham RLFC to do all they can to help with getting income from our Club Cash lottery back to where it was before the pandemic started to bite.

This is vital for the club and its finances which, as you all know, have taken a massive hit in the past 12 months.

Collectors will be returning to door-to-door visits in the next few weeks and we hope people who suspended payments will pick up where they left off as we strive and work hard to get back to where we were before the pandemic caused us to lose 50 per cent of our lottery income.

Many of our regular punters, who would normally pay a collector, have answered our calls for help by finding other ways to pay and to retain their chances of winning prizes.

To those people we are very grateful and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again for their loyal and continued support.

The lottery, of course, is potentially one of our biggest fund-raisers and for as little as £1 a week — more if you wish — you can help the club immensely and at the same time have chances to win £1,000, £100, £50, £25 or one of ten consolation prizes of £10.

That’s the present prize structure. There’s every chance it will be increased once we are out of lockdown, door-to-door collections start again and we get back to some sort of normality.

In the meantime you can join, or start up again, by contacting the club on 07904 898177 or by email to: enquiries@roughyeds.co.uk

For more information about the lottery, and for the “great opportunities” provided by our partnership with the National Youth and Community Development Association (NYCDA) go our Club Cash page.

There, you will find all the results and a detailed statement about getting back to normal with the help of our not-for-profit partners.

All proceeds from the partnership will continue to support the club and help us to meet the aims of our Club Cash activities, particularly in its aims and objectives to be an active stakeholder in the local community.

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