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Staff Focus — Dave ‘Murgy’ Murgatroyd

​Our next staff member to come under the spotlight is club photographer Dave ‘Murgy’ Murgatroyd, who does more than take pictures; he’s also our very own lion tamer!

Yes, ‘Murgy’ is head man at Roary’s Pride and, as such, he manages to tame our wonderful club mascot and keep him in line.

All Dave’s family have been Oldham Rugby fans for many years. His father and his uncle used to go to Watersheddings as boys and once his parents became an item they used to go as a couple. Safe to say, Dave has Oldham Rugby in his blood, writes JENNY McGRANE.

​His favourite part of the photographer’s job is that, on game days, he gets the best seat in the house and he is as close to the action as he possibly can be — on the touchline.
As a member of the club’s new management team, he is also excited by all the plans we have to push the club forward.

Roary’s Pride, our new junior supporters’ club, was Dave’s brainchild and he is delighted to report that it has had a successful start and that there will be a second get-together for young members and their parents on Saturday, June 22, starting at 9am.

He said:

“I’m thrlled and excited by the way Pride is going. We have had one highly successful meeting and I’m sure the next one on June 22 will be just as good.”

He thinks the biggest character in the squad is Gaz Owen because, unless we lose,

“he is always smiling, always talking on the pitch, and he’s engaged to a Murgatroyd so he’s got good taste as well.”

​He names Roary as the biggest character he has ever worked with and says of our popular and well-loved lion:

“He’s great to work with; a bit quiet at times but he can bust a few moves if he wants to!

“But, boy, does it scare me when people ask him to hold babies.”

​Murgy would love to see Lucas (Onyango) back at the club. He said: “I always loved Lucas and it would be great if he could catch a few more games and come back to let us know how he is going on.

“I would also like to see Mike Ford back here to watch a game or two . . . and I wouldn’t mind seeing his lad putting on an Oldham jersey as well.”

And his player companion on a desert island ? Danny Langtree ? No. Zack McComb? No. Gaz Owen? No.

“I wouldn’t want any player,” he revealed. “They all eat too much and food might be rationed.

No, I’d be happy if it was just me and my camera and perhaps a few books: ‘Idiots Guide to Survival’, ‘Raft Building for Idiots’, ‘Fishing for Beginners’.

With the books, my camera and my own company I’d probably stay for a few months.”

He refuses to reveal his thoughts on the season for fear of putting a jinx on what remains of it, but he does feel the club ‘will need to buy some more brasso!

​Murgy has been working at the club since 2008 and he has loved every minute of it — the highs, the lows, the people, players, fellow photographers and the fans; most of all the fans.


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