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Staff Focus — Sharron Black

Sharron Black is probably better known as the wife of our head of security and ground safety officer, Phil Black.

But where Roughyeds are concerned there’s a lot more to our Sharron than meets the eye.

It’s time to get to know her better and more about her love of the club, so that’s why I got her on the mobile for a chat, writes JENNY McGRANE, who is the latest addition to the club’s media team and the latest, and youngest, member of our club management group.

She was born in the rugby league-mad town of Widnes and she still lives there.

As a proud Widnesian, rugby league has always been part of her life. As she says,

“you can never get away from it even if you wanted to”

She got hooked on Oldham RLFC after starting working as control room operator on match days.

Even though she spends game time in the control room she loves her job and often goes home with an aching face from all the laughter in there. arising from banter between herself, Chris (Hamilton), Robin Highfield and John Davies.

Most fans will never realise how much work goes on and how many people are involved these days just to put a match on while conforming with RFL regulations, health and safety and issues like that.

She thinks the biggest character at the club is Roary.

“He has the patience of a saint,”she said, “and he is fabulous with kids and adults alike. He is a fantastic mascot.”

And the biggest character she has ever worked with ? Chris Hamilton.

She added:

“I love the man to bits! He has a dry sense of humour, the best ever. He is a very funny, lovely man . . . and my opinion doesn’t change even when he moans that I’ve got the shade of his coffee wrong.”

Like a lot of people at the club, Sharron would love to see the arrival of someone, even a player, who had ‘shed loads of disposable income to plough into the club, which would help us to develop in the areas we want to’.

And who would she take with her to a desert island ? Without hesitation . . . Scott Naylor.

She explained:

“He’s seriously scary ! And that’s why I would want him on an island with me. I swear that any marauding animal or an islander with a spear would turn tail and run if Scott so much as looked at them !”

Sharron doesn’t see much of our home games because of the demands of her control-room duties, but she feels it has generally been a good season so far, notwithstanding the surprising and bitterly disappointing 31-0 defeat at Doncaster.

“We’ve had two or three hiccups — so do most other clubs — but by and large the lads play with heart and passion. And yes, I still think we’ll finish top even though we’ve a lot of work to do now to catch up.”

Promoted or not, Sharron wouldn’t swop her Oldham RLFC job for the world . . . even if it is a trek from Widnes to Oldham.


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