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First winners in the new Club Cash prize structure

D Holloway (K4698) is the first £2,000 winner in the Club Cash lottery’s new prize structure.

The first prize has increased from £1,000 to £2,000 and there are now additional prizes of £50 plus two of £25.

The jackpot remains the same and increases by £500 a week if not won, going up to a maximum of £10,000.

In addition, there will be, on average, 65 consolation prizes of £10, an increase of about 20 a week.

The cost per one membership per week is an absolute give-away at £1 but it is income that is seriously needed by the club.

We recall what happened in 1997 and we’ve now seen Bury FC expelled from the Football League for similar reasons.

If you’re not in our lottery please, please give it a go with all these cash prizes to be won for £1 a week which wouldn’t even buy you a coffee !

You can download a form off the website from this link. The prize purse is now the equivalent of £3,600 a week, comprising of £2,000, £250, £100, £50, £25, £25, £500 (jackpot per week) and £650 (65 x £10).

If you wish to speak first to our lottery co-ordinator John McAndrew ring him at the club on 07904898177 (preferably Friday) and if he’s not in he’ll get back to you.

The full list of this week’s winners is as follows:

Week 13, drawn 28/8/19.

  • £2,000, K4698, D Holloway
  • £250, J2785, J Shaw
  • £100, N4421, P Walker
  • £50, G6922, Mr P Spencer
  • £25, Q0459, M Stewart
  • £25, N3456, G Ellis

Plus 65 consolation prizes of £10

Jackpot (£500 a week to maximum of £10,000): £500, WB6936, Mr Turner, £500 next week.


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