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As you probably know by now it is important for our club that we get as many people as possible signed up for the OuRLeague app as part of the RFL’s “return on investment” initiative.

To keep you updated, we can report that we are doing well . . . but we could do much better, hence the requirement to push OuRLeague membership even further among our fans and friends of the club.

It doesn’t cost anything to be a member but by joining and giving the information that OLDHAM is your club you are doing Roughyeds a huge favour.

For those who might not have heard of OuRLeague it’s a membership platform for all things Rugby League. Whether you’re a player, a fan, coach, volunteer official or a multiple of those, OuRLeague will cater for all your Rugby League needs and help you to get even more from the sport you love.

At the last count we had 1,581 members, more than double what we had last year and still rising. We have, however, dropped a place from 11th to 12th (out of 26) which shows that (a) other clubs are also working hard on this and (b) we need to keep pressing on and collecting more members.

We’re 400 or so down on the Betfred League 1 club with most members, but the flip side is that of the clubs underneath us no fewer than five are Championship clubs.

The top club overall has more than 8,000 members but the more realistic comparison for our purposes is our 1,581 alongside the Betfred League 1 best figures of 2,023.

To sign up, or to encourage friends, neighbours and work colleagues to do likewise, go to https://membership.rugby-league.com/

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