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Squad Strengthener can make a real impact

WITH an exciting squad-building exercise for 2021 in full flow, ORSA officials, led by energetic chairman John McAndrew, are keen to draw attention once again to the supporters’ association’s Squad Strengthener scheme and its relevance to the all-important financial aspect of acquiring the strongest possible group of players at the club.

Most clubs have a similar scheme which, in Oldham’s case, was instigated by the late Nigel Marland in his then capacity as chairman of ORSA, the Oldham Roughyeds Supporters’ Association.

As Nigel’s successor, John is keen to retain the scheme’s input and relevance to the overall success of the club, especially at a time like this when the next Oldham squad is being put together during an unprecedented period of world-wide financial hardship and recession due to COVID-19 and at a time when a lot of clubs in a lot of different sports, not to mention other businesses, are fearing for their future.

He is also keen to develop and build on the legacy left by Nigel’s initiative in launching Squad Strengthener some years ago.

Said John:

“Basically, ORSA supports the club by donations but in the case of Squad Strengthener the donations are from individuals and are specifically to be used in the pursuit of putting the best possible team on the field in Oldham jerseys.
“Most of the Squad Strengthener donations tend to be from ORSA members because it’s an ORSA scheme which was originally launched by Nigel, but donors don’t have to be members. Anyone can take part.

“In the past some people have contributed by standing order over a period and others have preferred to make a direct donation. Most clubs have a scheme like this, or very similar, and they play a very important part in a club’s progress.

“We have contributed in the past to the wages of loan players and those who have come on dual-registration but we will continue to help, via Squad Strengthener, in any way we can if it means we can see the benefits on the field.”

Anyone wishing to join Squad Strengthener, which John runs and administers in his capacity as chairman of both Squad Strengthener and ORSA, can contact him on 07980129541 or at his home, 28, Savoy Drive, Royton, OL2 5DB.

Oldham RLFC chairman Chris Hamilton said:

“The club is extremely grateful to all who have contributed to Squad Strengthener in the past and to anyone who may be considering it now.

“Huge thanks also to John and to ORSA for continuing to work on what Nigel started for the sole purpose of seeing our club go from strength to strength.

“We hope some people will see Squad Strengthener as a way of providing direct support for the club via player recruitment.”


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