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The recruitment of 2,000 volunteers for the Rugby League World Cup 2021 in England opened for applications at 08:00am on 25 February 2021.


  • Rugby League World Cup 2021 are recruiting 2,000 volunteers to be part of ‘The Power Squad’.
  • Applications open at 08:00am 25 February 2021 and remain open until 20:21pm 23 April 2021.
  • Volunteer numbers will exceed previous RLWC events in the UK and around the world including Rugby League World Cup 2013 and 2017.
  • The Power Squad will be the faces of the tournament and will carry out a variety of roles on all 61 match days at 21 venues across 18 host town and cities, as well as supporting on non-match days.

The Rugby League World Cup 2021 is presenting a record number of volunteering opportunities with the chance to be part of the biggest and best ever Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) when applications to join ‘The Power Squad’ opened at 08:00am on 25 February 2021.

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The Power Squad will be made up of 2,000 volunteers who will be the faces of the tournament, showcasing the values of Rugby League as well as welcoming the world to England when the 16th edition of this historic global event kicks off in the autumn.

With hundreds of thousands expected to attend matches and World Cup activations happening across England - and millions more watching around the world – the RLWC2021 team are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to deliver an exceptional Rugby League World Cup experience for both fans and players.

At twenty-one venues across eighteen host towns The Power Squad will play a key role in the delivery of the six-week tournament with a range of roles, including transport, spectator services, accreditation, way-finding, media, content and broadcast support.

Recruitment will be open on 25 February 2021 at 08:00am through an online application process and will conclude at 20:21pm on 23 April 2021. The programme features a dedicated interview process followed by comprehensive training for successful candidates.

The Power Squad will experience the unique atmosphere of the Rugby League World Cup, gaining important skills, meeting new people, and contributing to a world-class global event.

Jon Dutton, Chief Executive of RLWC2021, said:

“The Power Squad programme will be the biggest volunteer squad ever assembled for a Rugby League event. We want to engage with all ages, genders and communities and build on the incredible passion for volunteering at major events in England.”

"The UK has a fantastic volunteer network which we hope to tap into. A successful tournament cannot be run without our Power Squad and we hope to welcome many new people to the ever-growing Rugby League family to experience the passion, pride and community spirit of the sport."

RLWC2021 ambassadors Lois Forsell and Robbie Hunter-Paul will support the launch of The Power Squad application period as well as joining the rest of the RLWC2021 Ambassador Squad at the interview sessions and training days to pass on their knowledge of playing in a sporting event of this scale.

Former England star Lois Forsell said:

“I urge everyone in and around the RLWC2021 host towns and cities to take up this opportunity and apply to be a volunteer at international Rugby League’s showpiece event.”

“There is no better chance to be the face of a global tournament in England and with that comes a unique opportunity to play an important role in the biggest and best ever Rugby League World Cup.”

Robbie Hunter-Paul who helped New Zealand reach the final of the World Cup in 2000, added:

“As a player you always highly appreciate the work that the volunteers do to provide a platform for greatness on the field of play - without a dedicated team of volunteers the tournament wouldn’t be a success.”

“There is a real correlation between good mental fitness and new challenges and opportunities. In a time when the world is deprived of opportunities like this RLWC2021 is a beacon of light and being part of The Power Squad and experiencing the power of together to make memories that will last forever is really special.”

Candidates must be available for a minimum of three shifts across the tournament and available to attend training sessions in the summer as well as being 18 or above by the 1 September 2021.

Apply or find out more information on The Power Squad programme for the Rugby League World Cup 2021 here: volunteers.rlwc2021.com Follow all the latest news via www.RLWC2021.com and the official social media channels, on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Club Cash

AS lockdown restrictions start to ease, now is the time for everyone connected with Oldham RLFC to do all they can to help with getting income from our Club Cash lottery back to where it was before the pandemic started to bite.

This is vital for the club and its finances which, as you all know, have taken a massive hit in the past 12 months.

Collectors will be returning to door-to-door visits in the next few weeks and we hope people who suspended payments will pick up where they left off as we strive and work hard to get back to where we were before the pandemic caused us to lose 50 per cent of our lottery income.

Many of our regular punters, who would normally pay a collector, have answered our calls for help by finding other ways to pay and to retain their chances of winning prizes.

To those people we are very grateful and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again for their loyal and continued support.

The lottery, of course, is potentially one of our biggest fund-raisers and for as little as £1 a week — more if you wish — you can help the club immensely and at the same time have chances to win £1,000, £100, £50, £25 or one of ten consolation prizes of £10.

That’s the present prize structure. There’s every chance it will be increased once we are out of lockdown, door-to-door collections start again and we get back to some sort of normality.

In the meantime you can join, or start up again, by contacting the club on 07904 898177 or by email to: enquiries@roughyeds.co.uk

For more information about the lottery, and for the “great opportunities” provided by our partnership with the National Youth and Community Development Association (NYCDA) go our Club Cash page.

There, you will find all the results and a detailed statement about getting back to normal with the help of our not-for-profit partners.

All proceeds from the partnership will continue to support the club and help us to meet the aims of our Club Cash activities, particularly in its aims and objectives to be an active stakeholder in the local community.

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