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Our new links: No 2, Phil Bradbury (Oldham Amateur League)

In the second of four articles concerning our new links with other local Rugby League bodies and others, Phil Bradbury, long-serving secretary of the Oldham Amateur League, talks of the potential of what is happening on the Rugby League scene in Oldham.

He was present at the Roughyeds' Fans Forum where it was first mooted that, in these difficult times for all professional sports, there was strength in depth locally among the various rugby league bodies, organisations and stakeholders.

Since the Forum, Phil has spoken to Oldham RLFC vice-chairman John Roddy, who is leading the initiative from the Roughyeds' point of view.

Among others, four stakeholders — the Oldham Amateur League; Rugby Oldham, the Supporters' Trust; the Oldham Players' Association; the Oldham RL Heritage Trust — have been invited by Oldham RLFC to round-the-table talks at a meeting to be held soon. Others will be there too.

Said Phil:

“I got a call from John (Roddy) and we have arranged for him to come to our next executive meeting. I’ll be inviting Chris (club chairman Hamilton) to come as well. It wouldn’t be fair to invite only one of them.

“If we can get round a table we are getting somewhere and I’m looking forward to seeing if we can sort something out.

“I thought John spoke very well at the Fans' Forum. He’s been at other clubs and he knows what he’s talking about.

“As for the Roughyeds' new coach, Stu Littler, I’ve always rated him, both as player and coach.

“He’s made some very interesting signings already for Oldham. Some will say a lot of them are only young lads, but these young lads are the future and the ball is now in their court.

“It will certainly be good to get round the table with Oldham RLFC and see what we can do for our mutual benefit.”

John (Roddy) said Oldham had something in place that other clubs would pay good money for — namely, a group of organisations, all working hard to promote Rugby League in the Borough.

He added:

“It was really good to talk through with Phil (Bradbury) how the Oldham Amateur League operates and to hear of their ambitions.

“There’s no doubt the club can do more — and we will.”


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