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Our new links: No 3, Mike Kivlin (Rugby Oldham)

MIKE Kivlin, chairman of Rugby Oldham, the Supporters' Trust, has lauded his telephone talk with Oldham RLFC’s new vice-chairman John Roddy, who is leading the club’s initiative to get Rugby Oldham, the Players' Association, the Oldham Amateur League and the local Heritage Trust, among others, to a collective meeting to discuss working together for mutual benefit. Others will also be invited.

We have already given the pre-meeting thoughts of Joe Warburton (Players' Association) and Phil Bradbury (Oldham Amateur League) and now we bring you the initial thoughts of the Supporters' Trust.

Mike (Kivlin) said:

“We are delighted to know that we might be back in Oldham next season. Despite relegation, things seem to be on the up, to such an extent that we can talk of a new chapter, new beginnings etc.

“The Trust is happy to be part of a new co-operative chapter in the club’s history.

“John (Roddy) has called a meeting, to be held soon, which will include the town’s various Rugby League groups, and it will be nice to see what we can do for mutual benefit.”

John said he enjoyed his discussions with Mike Kivlin and to hear of the Trust’s rationale and its history, including the fight to get Roughyeds back into Oldham.

“While we have much to do on this, there is plenty of ambition and where there is ambition there is always a chance to achieve that goal,” added the Roughyeds' vice-chairman.

“Rugby Oldham will add much to our group and together we can put a stronger case to the Oldham community.”


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