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Update on Club Cash Lottery

COVID has severely impacted adversely on nearly all businesses the world over.

Closer to home it has hit Oldham RLFC hard on several fronts, most notably on income from the Club Cash lottery.

A large percentage of our membership pay £2 a fortnight via door-to-door collections but for obvious reasons we had to abandon that for nearly two years with the result that income from that source has been slashed by around 50 per cent.

All members who paid their subscriptions on the doorstep were contacted during the pandemic and asked if they wished to stay in the lottery by paying in other ways such as direct debit, bank transfer, cheque or even on a debit or credit card.

Some did and a massive thank-you to those. But the majority didn’t and to hit us even harder a lot of our doorstep members have also decided to pull out now that our collectors are door-knocking again.

You will have realised by now that this is another plea for help on the financial front at a time when professional sporting organisations generally are desperately in need of more income.

We realise, of course, that money is tight and that many fans will already have signed up to join either of the two levels of membership of YEDS, the new Supporters' Group , paying a monthly subscription.

This appeal, if you like, is not intended to affect in any way the marvellous work already being done to push and develop YEDS or the wonderful work being done by John and Lynda McAndrew to raise funds via the Squad Strengthener scheme.

It is merely drawing your attention once more to our fund-raising lottery which is a relatively cheap and easy way to help Oldham RLFC for as little as £1 per week.

You can pay as much as you like, obviously, (the more you pay the more chances you have of winning), but the vast majority pay £1 a week, which doesn’t sound much but which equates to £52 a year or £5,200 if we can get increase membership by 100.

For your £1, of course, you can win very healthy sums of money EVERY week in a draw which is made every WEDNESDAY.

To find out all you need to know about CLUB CASH lottery visit the Club Cash partnership page and you will have all the information you need about the prize structure, how to join, our partnership with National Youth and Community Development Association (NYCDA).

Star prizes, but there are many more, are £1,000 EVERY WEEK and a £500 EACH WEEK rollover jackpot which can rise to a maximum of £10,000.

All this for £1 a week — and you are helping your club no end at a time which is generally recognised as the toughest-ever for all Rugby League clubs, especially those in the third tier.


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