Law Cup

The Law Cup is a traditional pre-season game between Oldham and close rivals, Rochdale Hornets.

First staged in May 1921, the game’s original title was the Infirmaries Cup. Proceeds from the games were distributed between hospitals in the boroughs of Oldham and Rochdale.

The cup itself was donated by the Rochdale MP, Mr A.J.Law, who provided “a handsome Silver Cup for the Competition” and the winners received gold medals “the gift of Rochdale and Oldham gentlemen”.

The competition subsequently became know as the Law Cup in commemoration of its original donor.

There have been 68 fixtures including one replay after the inaugural game was drawn 0 – 0.

Oldham have won the cup 46 times to Rochdale’s 20. The cup was jointly held by both clubs in 1954 and 1976 following drawn games.

The current holders are Oldham who won 28 – 8 at the Vestacare Stadium on January 20, 2019.

Heritage Trust Trophy

First presented in 2004, the Heritage Trust Trophy is awarded to Oldham’s man of the match in the Law Cup.

Trophy Winners

Ian Watson (2004), Andy Isherwood (2005), James Kirkland (2006), James Coyle (2008), Gary Sykes (2010), Ben Wood (2011), Jamie Dallimore (2013), Josh Crowley (2016), Scott Leatherbarrow (2017), Matt Reid (2018), Richie Hawkyard (2019).

Law Cup Fixtures 1921–2018