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Law Cup

The Law Cup is a traditional pre-season game between Oldham and close rivals, Rochdale Hornets.

First staged in May 1921, the game’s original title was the Infirmaries Cup. Proceeds from the games were distributed between hospitals in the boroughs of Oldham and Rochdale.

The cup itself was donated by the Rochdale MP, Mr A.J.Law, who provided “a handsome Silver Cup for the Competition” and the winners received gold medals “the gift of Rochdale and Oldham gentlemen”.

The competition subsequently became known as the Law Cup in commemoration of its original donor.

There have been 70 fixtures including one replay after the inaugural game was drawn 0 - 0.

Oldham have won the cup 47 times to Rochdale’s 21. The cup was jointly held by both clubs in 1954 and 1976 following drawn games.

The current holders are Oldham who won 18 - 14 at the Vestacare Stadium, Oldham on January 29 2023.

Heritage Trust Trophy

First presented in 2004, the Heritage Trust Trophy is awarded to Oldham’s man of the match in the Law Cup.

Trophy Winners

Ian Watson (2004), Andy Isherwood (2005), James Kirkland (2006), James Coyle (2008), Gary Sykes (2010), Ben Wood (2011), Jamie Dallimore (2013), Josh Crowley (2016), Scott Leatherbarrow (2017), Matt Reid (2018), Richie Hawkyard (2019), Danny Langtree (2020), Deane Meadows (2023).

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Jan 29, 2023Oldham1814RochdaleLaw Cup534HomeWonMr G Jones
Jan 12, 2020Rochdale1812OldhamLaw Cup803AwayLostMr Jack Smith
Jan 20, 2019Oldham248RochdaleLaw Cup569HomeWonNick Bennett
Jan 10, 2018Rochdale2428OldhamLaw Cup504AwayWonMr John McMullen
Jan 22, 2017Oldham1224RochdaleLaw Cup575HomeLostMr P Marklove
Jan 31, 2016Rochdale1229OldhamLaw Cup624AwayWonMr S Mikalauskas
Feb 17, 2013Rochdale2022OldhamLaw Cup819AwayWonMr P Brooke - Manchester
Jan 2, 2011Oldham3428RochdaleLaw Cup796HomeWonMr D Merrick - Pontefract
Jan 27, 2010Rochdale306OldhamLaw Cup200 apxAwayLost
Jan 27, 2008Rochdale2620OldhamLaw Cup1108AwayLostMr M Kidd - Castleford
Jan 22, 2006Rochdale428OldhamLaw Cup1114AwayLostMr K Kirkpatrick
Jan 9, 2005Rochdale248OldhamLaw Cup1486AwayLostMr P Taberner - Wigan
Jan 18, 2004Oldham2624RochdaleLaw Cup1493HomeWonMr B Thaler - Normanton
Dec 29, 2002Rochdale2228OldhamLaw Cup2141AwayWonMr C Morris - Huddersfield
Nov 25, 2001Rochdale2714OldhamLaw Cup1500AwayLostMr R Silverwood - Dewsbury
Dec 12, 1999Rochdale1830OldhamLaw Cup1204AwayWonMr G Shaw - Dewsbury
Jan 1, 1999Rochdale4810OldhamLaw Cup2879AwayLostMr P Lee - Leigh
Jan 1, 1998Rochdale1636OldhamLaw Cup3097AwayWonMr P Lee - Tyldseley
Aug 14, 1994Rochdale2452OldhamLaw CupAwayWon
Aug 22, 1993Oldham2826RochdaleLaw Cup1360HomeWonMr R Whitfield - Widnes
Aug 2, 1981Rochdale1531OldhamLaw Cup800AwayWon
Aug 3, 1980Oldham3215RochdaleLaw Cup1622HomeWonMr V Moss - Manchester
Aug 3, 1979Rochdale914OldhamLaw CupAwayWonMr W Thompson - Hudd'fld
Aug 6, 1978Oldham268RochdaleLaw Cup1301HomeWon
Aug 7, 1977Rochdale145OldhamLaw Cup1023AwayLostMr B Shooman - Leeds
Aug 15, 1976Oldham2121RochdaleLaw Cup2016HomeDraw
Aug 10, 1975Rochdale229OldhamLaw Cup1159AwayWonMr W Thompson - Hudd'fld
Aug 17, 1974Oldham2715RochdaleLaw Cup1365HomeWonMr H Mason - Halifax
Aug 17, 1973Oldham2913RochdaleLaw Cup5541HomeWonMr. R Gelder - Wilmslow
Aug 12, 1973Rochdale3014OldhamLaw Cup2336AwayLost
Aug 12, 1972Oldham1816RochdaleLaw Cup2060HomeWonMr W Thompson - Hudd'fld
Aug 13, 1966Rochdale135OldhamLaw Cup2386AwayLostMr J Manley - Warrington
Aug 14, 1965Oldham1419RochdaleLaw Cup3937HomeLostMr E Lawrinson - Warrington
Aug 15, 1964Rochdale739OldhamLaw Cup5022AwayWonMr H Hunt - Warrington
Aug 11, 1962Rochdale224OldhamLaw Cup2014AwayWon
Aug 12, 1961Oldham5313RochdaleLaw Cup6872HomeWonMr. C Appleton - Warrington
Aug 6, 1960Rochdale1135OldhamLaw Cup8125AwayWonMr. R Gelder - Wilmslow
Aug 8, 1959Oldham2811RochdaleLaw Cup10873HomeWonRailton/Watkinson ?
Aug 9, 1958Rochdale2510OldhamLaw Cup6471AwayLostMr. K Rathbone - St Helens
Aug 10, 1957Rochdale531OldhamLaw Cup7556AwayWonMr. C Appleton - Warrington
Aug 18, 1956Oldham345RochdaleLaw Cup8167HomeWonMr. T Watkinson - P'bury
Aug 13, 1955Rochdale2317OldhamLaw Cup9200AwayLostMr G Phillips - Widnes
Aug 7, 1954Oldham1717RochdaleLaw Cup7000HomeDrawMr. W Stockley - Swinton
Aug 8, 1953Rochdale3119OldhamLaw Cup8413AwayLostMr. G Phillips - Widnes
Aug 16, 1952Oldham258RochdaleLaw Cup11653HomeWonMr. C Appleton - Warrington
Aug 11, 1951Rochdale718OldhamLaw Cup4434AwayWonMr. N T Railton - Wigan
Aug 12, 1950Oldham109RochdaleLaw Cup5359HomeWonMr P Cowell - Warrington
Aug 31, 1949Rochdale235OldhamLaw Cup*5000AwayWon
Aug 14, 1948Rochdale92OldhamInfirmary Cup7000AwayLost
Aug 16, 1947Oldham1718RochdaleInfirmary Cup8000HomeLost
Aug 24, 1946Rochdale814OldhamInfirmary Cup3000AwayWon
Aug 20, 1938Oldham188RochdaleInfirmary Cup3000HomeWon
Aug 21, 1937Rochdale49OldhamInfirmary Cup3694AwayWon
Aug 22, 1936Oldham124RochdaleInfirmary CupHomeWonMr. A E Harding - Broughton.
Aug 24, 1935Rochdale1415OldhamInfirmary Cup3500AwayWonMr. A E Harding - Broughton
Aug 18, 1934Oldham207RochdaleInfirmary Cup5996HomeWonMr. J W Webb - Broughton
Oct 13, 1933Rochdale288OldhamInfirmary Cup5000AwayLostMr. J E Taylor - Wakefield
Sep 27, 1932Oldham243RochdaleInfirmary Cup4000HomeWonMr. F Peel - Bradford
Aug 22, 1931Rochdale1129OldhamInfirmary Cup6000AwayWon
Aug 25, 1930Oldham147RochdaleInfirmary Cup5000HomeWon
Nov 23, 1929Rochdale215OldhamInfirmary Cup1500AwayWon
Oct 13, 1928Oldham180RochdaleInfirmary Cup10000HomeWon
Sep 6, 1927Rochdale110OldhamInfirmary Cup5000AwayLostMr. R Jones - Widnes.
Aug 21, 1926Oldham340RochdaleInfirmary Cup14000HomeWon
Sep 12, 1925Rochdale2715OldhamInfirmary Cup7563AwayLost
Sep 13, 1923Oldham154RochdaleInfirmary Cup8000HomeWon
Sep 8, 1923Rochdale135OldhamInfirmary Cup13900AwayLost
Sep 9, 1922Oldham128RochdaleInfirmary Cup9000HomeWon
May 13, 1921Oldham122RochdaleInfirmary Cup replay7000HomeWon
May 7, 1921Rochdale00OldhamInfirmary Cup6000AwayDraw
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